2021 Spring popular nail colors


Aquarius: The exclusive nail polish color for Aquarius girls is very gorgeous, and the exquisite gemstone color is very beautiful. People of Aquarius can make others love him wishful thinking, and he is even less likely to pester others wishful thinking. The relationship between two people is that two people love each other, not each other.

Pisces: The exclusive nail polish color for Pisces girls is a very beautiful earthy color, a very light color, but very white. Pisces girls love fantasies, and their attitudes towards those they trust and those they distrust are very different. They are very friendly to those they trust.

Lavender Nail Art

This is a very white color, a bit like blue-purple, which makes people feel full of vitality. The whole is mainly pure color. The ring finger and index finger first painted the base color with temperament nude, and then dipped other colors with a point pen to dot a circle, which looks very three-dimensional and can play an embellishment role in the entire nail art. This manicure is very versatile, it is very suitable with dark and light clothes.

Candy series manicure

This manicure is like a palette, colorful and very springy. The colors of these colors are very beautiful, very white, and very friendly to girls who like ins style. It is very suitable for matching bright color clothes, which is very helpful for improving the complexion, and looks full of girlishness. This manicure can make the sisters easily become the focus of the crowd. It is beautiful and youthful, and it is worth trying.

minimalist style nail art

If you want to reduce the error rate of nail art, you can try minimalist style nail art, which is simple but not simple, and can also improve the aura. This nail art is mainly creamy white, which is very suitable for spring and summer, and it can be used by young and middle-aged people regardless of age. This milky white is very helpful for lifting the skin tone, and the black and yellow skin sisters are also beautiful.

French Manicure

This is a very sweet French manicure. The French side of the strawberry mousse looks like a jam, which does not require high skin tone. Jelly manicure is very suitable for spring and summer, showing whiteness and temperament, and it is very friendly to girls with elegant temperament. Yao Yao suggested that the sisters can use light-colored clothes to match this manicure, which is elegant and intellectual.

Ice Peel Nail

Sisters who want to bring coolness to the spring and summer seasons, you can try the ice-through nail art, which is gentle, fresh and delicate. The bow design can add highlights to the nail art and make it more beautiful. It is simple and temperamental, and it is also very girlish. It can be tried from teens to forties, and it feels full of age reduction.

Little Leopard Print Nail Art

Relatively speaking, this manicure will be more suitable for Yujie Fan girls, bringing another feeling to the leopard print, which is more unique. In addition, it also has a icy design, which is refreshing and suitable for spring and summer. The color of the nail is light and elegant, and it is more versatile and beautiful, and the black and yellow skin sisters can also be easily controlled without worrying about the problem of blackness.

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