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Our Factory and Warehouse

Our manufacture

Shenzhen Baiyue technology co.,limited manufacturer located in Dongguan, A factory specializing in R&D and production of manicure lamp equipment and manicure machine tools, mainly produces:

manicure products such as manicure lamps, nail UV lamps, nail polishers, manicure LED UV lamps, nail art vacuum cleaners, and manicure wax therapy machines,beauty tools etc bunch of beauty accessories one hand source from our own factory.

Beside nail polisher for nail industry, ours nail polisher can also be widely used in polishing, polishing, and inlay in jewelry processing; engraving of handicrafts and mechanical mold manufacturing.

We have mature equipment, diversified nail lamp production lines, senior technical engineers, and professional instructors to meet all your ODM and OEM needs.

Shenzhen Baiyue technology co.,limited self-designed and produced nail art lamps include 6W 9W 12W 24w 36w 48w 60w 72w series with different numbers of LED lamp beads to meet the needs of different markets and customers. The products are made of durable and high temperature resistant materials to avoid safety problems. At the same time, UV is used to protect users’ skin not hurt and black hands, and always produce a curing lamp based on quality and customers’ experience.

UV LED lamp’s power adapter&charger is a important thing too, it affects the power supply of lamp, if output not enough the LED would not work properly. And if it’s PCB board use a cheap chip will make charger get heat,There were lot of cases happened before from market news,that a bad charger cause a exploding. We are keeping notice to all kinds of safety problems and this never happen to our customers.

We produce nail dryers in large quantity and with several producing line that price always be very good in wholesale,would like a good&relationship in longer development.

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