Nail gels for 12 constellations


Aries: The exclusive nail polish color of Aries is bright red. The passionate feeling of red can shape the feeling. The minds of Aries people are very delicate, but they often give people the illusion of carelessness. The Aries girl with a strong sense of justice will always come forward when encountering things.

Taurus: The exclusive color of Taurus girls is unique gray. Trying this color might look good. Taurus people like to be the power in the eyes of others. The stable and generous Taurus people are very reliable.

Gemini: Gemini’s exclusive nail polish color is beautiful blue-purple. This color is very suitable for the character of Gemini girls. It is very beautiful. Gemini people have keen observation ability on people, and they have rich emotions in their hearts. Sometimes they always I really like to teach others and give people advice on doing things.

Cancer: The exclusive nail polish color for Cancer girls is very beautiful, which can highlight the girl's temperament and have a little subtle feeling. The maternal aura of Cancer people is very strong. They like to take care of others and take care of their families in particular.

Leo: Leo’s exclusive nail polish color is very delicate, and gradient colors are always particularly good-looking. Leo, who is bold on the surface and very confident at heart, can easily appear self-righteous or aloof, giving people a condescending feeling, with a little bit of arrogance.

Virgo: Virgo's exclusive nail polish color is romantic, and every time you see the perfect starry sky, it is very shocking. For Virgo girls who are pursuing perfection, the pursuit of perfection does not require talent, but tenacious vitality and endless perseverance.

Libra: Libra's exclusive nail polish color is very gorgeous, and the exquisite forehead looks very flattering. The Libra woman, who is known for her sense of good balance between rationality and sensibility, can hurt herself if she is too concerned about the feelings of others. I don't like to refuse other people's help or request, which makes myself very busy.

Scorpio: The exclusive nail polish color of Scorpio is the exquisite bow tie shape. The youthful color is synonymous with you. There is a mysterious and sexy Scorpio woman who is defensive, but she can strictly guard the secrets of others. It is a way to help others keep their secrets. The little expert.

Sagittarius: The exclusive nail polish color of Sagittarius is peach, and romantic colors can make people feel happy. Sagittarius people like freedom very much, they like unfettered life, and the same is true for their feelings. They don't like two people getting tired of being together all day, and they like to have their own space.

Capricorn: Capricorn girls' exclusive nail polish color is very attractive. At first glance, it is just a general feeling, but this color is a series that looks more beautiful. Capricorns have very strong patience in doing things, they are not particularly impatient, and they are gentle and distant when dealing with others.