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Product Application

Nail lamp, also name LED UV lamp. It is specially used for drying nail polish gel fast beauty process, mostly used in nail salons. As time goes on, customer not satisfy with traditional waiting after a manicure, it costs a long time till nail gel get dried, so market designed a professional machine for customers’ demand. Atocnail created and start our own producing line and supply market new and good quality nail lamps.

Some manicures, a layer of UV glue is applied to the nails, which is similar to nail polish, but it is not easy to fall off than nail polish. Generally it can last for more than a month. The price is also more expensive than nail polish. it is only used in professional nail salons , Because the nail phototherapy glue must use a nail lamp, which is a nail phototherapy lamp. There are two types of nail lamps, one is an ultraviolet lamp, the other is an LED lamp, the main peak wavelength of ultraviolet light = 370nm (this wavelength is visible light, harmless to eyes , But it is recommended not to look directly at the lamp for a long time), but it can have a good drying and sterilization effect. Please pay attention to your eyes Do not look directly at the UV lamp. Use it in accordance with the gel production manual or the relevant instructions of the UV lamp. Do not use it for short or overtime to maintain the best results.

This is how 36w nail led lights work:

1. Connect the power socket and turn on.

2. There is a time setting according to your requirements, from 30 seconds to 180 seconds after this put your hands or feet into the station.

3. When the lighting time is up, the UV lamp will automatically go out.

4. Please pull out the bottom when replacing the lamp tube and cleaning the inside of the lamp.

5. The bottom plate can be withdrawn.

The special lamps for curing nail gel with nail UV lamps are available for hands and feet. There are many kinds of nail lamps in market, some of which integrate a fan and nail lamps to dry faster. The service life is longer and the shell quality is better, Because the general nail art lamps use electronic ballasts, the advantages of this nail art lamp are that it is easy to carry in weight and can be started under low voltage, but The disadvantage is that the service life is short and unsafe. Nail art lamps are made of inductive ballasts, which can prolong the service life of the lamp.

The voltage is stable, safe, not easy to get heat,Atocnail always produce highest grade of nail dryers.

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