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Our History

Shenzhen Baiyue technology co.,limited established in 2020, one of the largest supplier of UV nail dryer. We’ve been manufacture nail lamp since 2017 and professional in it. At that time our customer is China local wholesalers, distributors, trading companies and B2C like Tmall, JD etc. Wholesaled large a lot quantity lamps:

We opened new wholesale channel of nail UV lamps to worldwide trading business, from material purchase and customization design,mature producing,selling all in one solution.Our price has very big advantage based on 4 years wholesale experience.And know market well that will give suggestions to customers.

From 2017 to 2019, the nail art lamp industry has been showing a steady upward trend, and it is an explosive growth in 2020. Due to the impact of COVID-19 and restrictions on travel, more and more consumers choose to do their own nail art at home , This will become a good trend, when people get used to this way of life that nail lamps will be an indispensable household tools.

User’s experience is the most important thing to us, How to make a great quality,popular,new product is our vision. we pay all responsibility after sold a manicure lamp and quick response to customers when have an issue.

We provide all clients with a data destruction guarantee and full transparency with every step of processing, Atocnail industry is service driven with a focus on building long-term business relationship in beauty product,tools,nail dryers,led nail lamps, Let’s build a better future.

Key products:

With timer and sensor

6w mini uv lamp

6w portable curing led dryer

6w led dryer machine

6w nail polisher

12w pedicure lamp

12w led lamp

12w curing light

12w UV Led dryer

12w manicure light

18w nail lamp cordless

24w gel dryer

24w gel led lamp

24w manicure dryer

24w manicure lamp

24w nail polish uv lamp

36w wireless led uv dryer

36w cordless UV dryer

36w fast curing manicure machine

36w UV LED Nail Lamp

36w mini led nail light

36w nail light dryer

36w nail uv light

48w gel dryer machine

48w gel nail dryer curing lamp

48w gel dryer station

48w uv gel dryer

48w nail salon dryer

48w nail dryer with battery

48w nail art dryer

48w nail polish dryer machine

48w home nail dryer

48w uv nail dryer for regular polish

48w finger nail dryer machine

48w home salon nail dryer

48w nail curing dryer

60w nail gel dryer with 4 timer

60w nail gel dryer with 3 timer

60w nail dryer fan

60w nail dryer for normal nail polish

60w nail polish dryer uv light

72w nail dryer for kids

72w cordless UV led gel lamps

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