Professional tools for nail salon art


1 Manicure table, manicure chair, manicure lamp, manicure machine, hand-soaking bowl, cushion pillow, disposable table mat, etc. The manicure station and manicure tables and chairs can be ignored if they are not very professional. 
1. Nail art lamp: Nail art lamp, also known as nail art phototherapy lamp, is specially used for drying nail art glue in the nail art process. There are two types of nail lamps, one is ultraviolet lamp, or UV, and the other is LED lamp. UV lamp will turn black and dry when used for a long time, which is harmless to eyes, but it is recommended not to look directly at the lamp for a long time. Dry sterilization effect. LED lights are visible light, which is the same as ordinary lighting, and has no harm to human skin and eyes. In terms of the drying effect, the LED lamp generally takes about 30 seconds to dry, while the ordinary UV lamp takes 3 minutes to dry. Compared with the glue curing speed, the LED lamp is 4-6 times faster than the UV lamp.
2. Nail art machine: also known as nail art machine, etc. It is a kind of color drawing equipment that can draw patterns on natural nails and artificial nails. The current nail art machine is very developed and can print any pattern. AI intelligently recognizes the nail surface. It only takes tens of seconds to print a pattern, which greatly reduces the time for painting.
3. Soaking bowl: Yes, it is something that looks like a garbage shovel. As the name suggests, it is to put your hands in the water for cleaning and other processes. (If you have a dead skin softener, you don't need this)
4. Pillow cushion: It is to put your hands on the nails to make it more comfortable. It is generally used for the service of others, and it is generally not necessary to apply it by yourself.

5. Disposable table mat: Generally, it is a disposable mat made of non-woven fabric. The nails and nail scraps cut off during the manicure process can be wrapped and thrown away.

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