Ten tools help you do nail salon at home, for new leaner


Nail clippers, finger skin pliers, finger skin pushers, sand strips, polishing strips, dust brushes, tweezers, nail art pens, etc. 

1. Nail clippers: Needless to say, this is mainly used to trim all types of nails, including crystal nails and natural nails.
2. Finger leather pliers: small pointed scissors, used to cut off the excess nail skin on the inner ring of the nail.
3. Finger skin push: It is a tool for manicure. It is suitable for those with thicker cuticle or more dead skin around the nail. Push from the inside to the outside to make the nail surface look bigger and fuller in shape.
4. Dust brush: plastic or bristle brush, used to clean nail residues during hand care, and keep the nail surface clean and tidy.
5. Sand strips: There are several kinds of sand strips. The thinner surface is rough to the touch (there are round and diamond-shaped), which are mainly manicure-shaped. When removing the nails, it is convenient to remove the nails by grinding the nails. The slightly thicker sponge is a sponge file (usually diamond-shaped), which is mainly used to polish the nail surface before making the nails, so that the glue and the nail surface can better fit and last longer. The polished side is polished, the frosted side (usually green) is to remove dust on the nail surface, and the light side (usually white) is to brighten the nail surface and let the nails It is more shiny and can also protect nails.
6. Tweezers: used to hold nail pieces, diamonds, or nail skin for trimming.
7. Crystal pliers: only used when making crystal nails, and can not be replaced with finger pliers, otherwise it will easily cause crystal nails to break.
8. Nail art pen: According to the function, it can be roughly divided into four types: small pen, drawing pen, dot pen, and loose paint.
9. Small pen: The pen bristles are less and relatively thin, suitable for drawing lines and drawing small areas of patterns, and can also be used for blending of gradual transition colors.
10. Loose powder brush: The pen tip is flat and the brush bristles are spread out. It is used for shaking and leaking glitter or for depicting many but not messy lines, such as wood grain.