Can child use nail polish gel?


Nail polish ingredients

Nail polish is composed of a variety of compounds. Colorful nail polish may cause different levels of harm to physical and mental health. The composition of nail polish is generally composed of two types of substances: solid components and liquid components. The solid components are mainly composed of melanin and shiny substances; the liquid components are organic solvent components, the key is toluene, butyl acetate (alias Tianna water), phthalates, indoor formaldehyde, benzene, etc. Generally, many toluene and butyl acetate ingredients in nail polish can quickly dry the nail polish. Because these two substances are very easy to volatilize, the nail polish can quickly be killed.

Can children apply nail polish
What are the harms of children applying nail polish

1. Harm the central nervous system of children

Nail polish ingredients are harmful to physical and mental health. Toluene and butyl acetate, which are extremely volatile, belong to hazardous chemicals, flammable and explosive materials, and cause a dazzling and irritating smell when they evaporate. The indoor formaldehyde component will pollute the indoor air quality. If children breathe it for a long time It can damage the central nervous system and have a strong stimulus to the mucous membrane.

Can children apply nail polish
2. Performance that may make children poisoned

The main component of nail polish is nitrocellulose, which is made with organic solvents such as acetone, ethyl acetate, ethyl lactate, and phthalic acid tincture. However, this chemical raw material has a certain degree of biological toxicity, and it is very easy to cause poisoning when it enters the body. After applying nail polish, children like to eat their fingers and easily swallow the nail polish, or they like to use force to stick the nail polish on the food, and they can grasp oily foods such as fried dough sticks and birthday cakes with a lot of oil. The fat-soluble compounds contained in nail polish are very easy to dissolve in vegetable oils.

After applying the fingernails, the fingernails will be bright and red in an instant, and will not fade easily for a long time. They are loved by everyone, but for children, it is best not to apply the nail polish to prevent the children from swallowing the nail polish and affecting their physical and mental health. It is very good for pregnant women not to apply it. It is best to apply nail polish in a naturally ventilated room, otherwise it is likely to cause dizziness and other discomfort.

We suggest green natural gels for kids but not regular ones for adults.

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