What are the advantages of Sun Nail Dryer?


The properties of nail dryers and phototherapy lights are similar, and they play a role of dry -to -nail polish in the process of nail art.

The difference is that the working principle of the dryer is the same as that of the household hair dryer. Through the power of the power, the nail polish can be quickly air -dried to use general nail polish.

Sun Nail Dryer is the earliest dry -nailor engine in the nail industry. With the development of the nail industry, the listing of various nail polish has gradually appeared. The drying and curing of nail glue.

General nail polish cannot be dried with phototherapy lamps. It is thought that it does not have the ingredient of phototherapy glue. It not only does not look good, but also shrinks nail polish, produces wrinkles, and bad nails will be tested. The phototherapy lamp is divided into LED and UV lights according to different light -emitting operation principles.

UV lights can cause damage to the eyes for long -term contact, and this damage can be accumulated and irreversible. Therefore, some sisters will find that the number of phototherapy times will become black and dry!

LED lights are visible light. Like ordinary lighting light, it has no harm to human skin and eyes. Therefore, from a safe perspective, LED phototherapy lamps have better protection of skin and eyes than UV and other lights!

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