What is the principle of LED Nail Polish Lamp?


LED Nail Polish Lamp is specially used to dry phototherapy glue during nail art, mainly used in nail salon; in some nail procedures, a layer of nail phototherapy glue is applied on the nails, which is similar to nail polish, but it is harder than nail polish Shedding, generally speaking, it can last more than a month, and the price is more expensive than nail polish, generally speaking, it can only be used in professional nail salons, because nail lamps must be used to use nail phototherapy glue, that is, nail therapy lamps .

There are two types of LED Nail Polish Lamp, one is UV lamp and the other is LED lamp. The main peak wavelength of UV light is =370nm, which has good drying, sterilization and disinfection effects. Generally speaking, a nail lamp has four tubes, one is 9W. Please change the tube regularly every six months, watch your eyes and don't look directly into the UV tube. Use according to the relevant instructions of the gel making manual or the UV lamp, do not shorten or use them overtime, so as to maintain the best results.