Phototherapy-Lamp-Sun-Nail-Dryer manufacturers and suppliers in China - Atocnail. Now we are looking for some wholesaler and distributors, our factory supporting OEM and ODM Phototherapy-Lamp-Sun-Nail-Dryer, attracting customers all over the world with affordable price, newest style and high quality Phototherapy-Lamp-Sun-Nail-Dryer. If you need to know more details, please feel free to contact us if you need.
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Sun Nail Dryer

Sun Nail Dryer

Sun Nail Dryer placed Leds surrounding your nail and dry it in all angle. Portable and easy to use. Sun9 Nail Dryer can automatically sense your finger and turn it on or off. Each time you press the switch, you can start Sun9 Nail Dryer for thirty seconds. Fit the whole hand and foot. Work well for all gel polishes, such as led gel, uv gel, gel builder. No need to change any lamp bulbs. Sun9 Nail Dryer fast and comfortable. It is low wattage but quick-drying which can shorten your curing time by 50% or overheat than others dryers.

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