New-Nail-Polish-Uv-Light-Dryer manufacturers and suppliers in China - Atocnail. Now we are looking for some wholesaler and distributors, our factory supporting OEM and ODM New-Nail-Polish-Uv-Light-Dryer, attracting customers all over the world with affordable price, newest style and high quality New-Nail-Polish-Uv-Light-Dryer. If you need to know more details, please feel free to contact us if you need.
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Nail Polish Uv Light Dryer

Nail Polish Uv Light Dryer

Wholesale Nail Polish Uv Light Dryer from Sunuv for nail polish art manicure lamp. Item with 36 pcs LED beads 48watts power smart sensitive sensor that when put hands in Nail Polish Uv Light Dryer turn on automatic and light off when move out from machine.LED is UV sunlight painless and harmless to your skin also 4 timing 10s 30s 60s 99s with screen display that knows time of drying well. Some customer afraid of burning of skin when use traditional lamps,It won’t happen when using Nail Polish Uv Light Dryer. And all material bought by ourselves assembled with high grade material,Never use cheap stock. Quality is the most important thing in wholesale it will affect our reputation if product defect quick.

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