Do Portable Nail Lamps have UV rays?


Portable Nail Lamp is mainly divided into two types, one is the more commonly used UV lamp, and the other is LED lamp. In the manicure process, the general LED light only takes about 30 seconds to dry the nail polish, while the ordinary UV light takes longer to dry the nail polish.

Portable Nail Lamp is used to dry nail phototherapy gel. Mainly divided into two types, one is ultraviolet light, the other is LED light, the main peak wavelength of ultraviolet light = 370nm, this wavelength belongs to visible light, which is harmless to the eyes, but do not look directly at the lamp tube for a long time.

Both UV lamps and LED lamps are used to dry phototherapy glue, and they are both commonly used tools in the process of phototherapy glue manicure, but their effects are quite different. For example, the curing time of UV lamps is much longer than that of LED lamps, but the price of LED lamps is high, so most nail salons use UV lamps.