Why does lighting nails hurt?


(1) The power of the nail lamp is too large, which makes the nail surface feel burning;

(2) The glue is too viscous. During the solidification process, it is easier to make the nails feel "tightening", which may cause pain in the fingers.

(3) Because the glue has a higher consistency, it will be thicker than the nail polish glue. It absorbs more light and generates more heat during the solidification process, so it is easier to produce a burning sensation;

(4) If this is the case for individual talents.

(5) It may also be due to personal physique.

(6) Some people have thinner nails or are more sensitive to pain, so they will feel pain when lighting the lamp.

(7) Too much glue, overflowing and sticking to the nail gap, will cause pain when lighting.

(8) When it is painful, remove your hand in time and then light the lamp, so that the pain will not be relieved.

(9) Be sure to use qualified brand products to avoid the pain of lighting.