Types and Introduction of Nail Lamps


Common nail lamps on the market are mainly divided into UV fluorescent lamps, LED lamps or UV+LED combination lamps.

UV, that is, ultraviolet rays. The light emitted by UV lamps belongs to the UVA band, with wavelengths ranging from 300 to 410 nm.

LED namely light-emitting diode. LED lights are visible light with wavelengths ranging from 375 to 425 nm.

Different nail lamps require the use of specific nail polishes. Commonly used nail polishes are mainly made of gel and acrylic resin. The gel requires ultraviolet radiation (UVR) for polymerization.

Both UV lamps and LED lamps are used to dry phototherapy glue and are commonly used tools in the process of phototherapy glue manicure, but their effects are very different. For example, the curing time of UV lamps is much longer than that of LED lamps, but the price of LED lamps is high, so most nail salons use UV lamps.